Alexandria, a nation within the Shattered Lands, a nation forever searching for greater power.

At a GlanceEdit

  • Name - Alexandria
  • Location - The Shattered Lands
  • Capital - Alexandria
  • Races - Humans, Angels

Alexandria, the Holy CityEdit

Besides the exotic form of the architecture (an organic blend of living plants and marble) and the prevalence of "monstrous" creatures throughout the city (usually in fairly secluded areas, though the less feral creatures might be seen wending through a crowd every once in a while) Alexandria isn't all that different from any other city.

Though it's more divided into "rises" than actual sections, since it's PART of the land as opposed to on top of it. Structuraly it rises in multiple tiers with multiple individual "plateaus" comprising the major sections, though it's blurred by a large number of causeways. Note that there are a number of places where you can look out at a vast swath of the city, at all parts of the city. It is a work of art, meant as much to be seen as used.

The uppermost tier would be roughly the same to any other city, at least in layout. The deeper tiers become warrens of pasages, populated by fewer residences and a great number more business-type structures. As you go FURTHER down (to basement level, depending on the plateau the basement is somewhere between the 5th and 7th tier down) humans are almost entirely gone, this would be the underworks, a labyrinthing series of cannals used for drainage and populated by a plethora of beasts.

There are two exceptions to the general layout;

The Great Cathedral is an entire plateau except for its basement level. It has larger internal dimensions than external, excepting the underworks which is tied into the rest of the city (though some argue that the entire underworks is the Cathedral's).

The War Rise is an entire plateau dedicated to military training and development. Non-citizens (excepting Angels, of any creed) are not allowed within due to the danger of the practices conducted. This plateau also houses a gladiatorial ring, meant for realistic combat-training but often attracting spectators.

The Council Hall is seated in the Great Cathedral, humans maintain this is a show of piousness. In actuality it is a matter of practicality, the Great Cathedral being the single most defensible structure within Alexandria as it stands in the heart of the city. Just don't try to tell the humans that, they are as a whole quite devout to Xirinet, and have had a recent upsurge toward Veros as well.


  • Human
  • Angel
  • Animation of Gargoyles