Artifacts are powerful tools of the gods, and have additional uses outside the normal expenditure of power points. Instead of counting towards your influence on the world they allow a god to influence themselves and other gods.

There are three category of artifacts.

Lesser Artifacts are the weakest of artifacts. These artifacts can have effects on a limited area. Additionally, lesser artifacts are the variety of heroic and paragon tier artifacts used in campaigns.

Moderate Artifacts are the middle ground of artifacts. They can affect large areas. Moderate Artifacts include epic artifacts used in campaigns. Additionally, a moderate artifact can be made to provide a +1 combat bonus

Greater Artifacts are the most powerful of artifacts. They can affect wide areas, covering entire continents with their effects. Additionally, a greater artifact can be made to produce 1 PP per turn for a specific variety of action.


PP Producing ArtifactsEdit

Greater artifacts canhave the ability to generate 1 PP each turn for a specific purpose. This benefit is linked to certain following keywords:

Create, Mold, Shape, Nourish, Guide, Spawn, Imprison

The PP generated by the artifact can be used once per turn, by the creator of the artifact, or anyone who has control of it. A player can benefit from no more than 4 PP producing artifacts each turn, and only one of any type.

Example: You use an an artifact that produces Nourish PP. Even if you have another artifact that produces Nourish PP, you can't benefit from that type again.

Final NotesEdit

Artifacts are a very versatile category of benefits, allowing a player to create lasting effects and add to the richness of the world.

An artifacts benefits, effects, and capabilities are only limited by your imagination, but it is best to run unprecedented and highly powerful effects by an admin before actually posting them.