Bloodmyst Archipelago

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Bloodmyst Archipelago is a recent addition to the world, once it was just a vast area of the Ocean, the legends about its creation tell about a divine bloodshed in Heaven. When the divine blood fallen into the seas cooled down and solidified it become Bloodstone, an supernatural material capable of growing and altering nearby land and life forms. At the beginning small Bloodstone spikes emerged from the ocean floor, they were twisted cristalline spires surrouned by patches of red land tainted by bloodstone influence.

In the first few centuries the strange material kept mutliplying, growing to form a small group of Islands, including Hearhblood Island, the first place to rise from the seas, and a ring of small patche of land that surround it. Finally it reached a critical mass and begun growinag at increased rate, some time going deeper under the crust of the planet, but mostly emerging from the seas and forming the modern Archipelago.

Apparently this process has slowed down in recent years and almost stopped while still smal scale islands and new spikes keep growing no new considerable land mass has emerged from the seas in more than five hundred years.

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