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Cloak of Madness: A +1 combat artifact that in his human form Drahthor's cloak begins as a silver collar about his neck with his emblem crafted on the front, and from this extends a cloak blacker than the night. Any mortal who cast there gaze into its total oblivion would find it mesmerizing at first, the absolute lack would be hypnotizing. However over time their minds would start to see colors and images that did not exist and had no right to exist. They would desire to tear there eyes away from it but by that point they would be to late, they would be trapped in its spell until Drahthor released them or there sanity shattered. No gap exists at the front for the God of Destruction and Creation to reach through, instead his arms merely phase through it unhindered.. But in his true it seems to be a wisps of blackness that bleed from his body and dance in strange patterns, all the while forming strange inhuman shapes in the darkness.



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