The Courts of the Magistrate: The Courts are the dominant feature in Beacon. They are used to house trials of the gods when they occur, and occasionally for high-profile trials of mortals. They have the peculiar property of rendering mortals unable to lie.

Inside the court is a square block of stone, formed by Rabi the Smith and inscribed with divine writ by Hammu. On it is written the The Three Laws of the Court:

Justice: The Court of Three will hear the case against any God-killer. Justice, Order and Life shall decide if the killing was justified, and what punishment is to be applied if it was not.

Law: The Court of Three may hear any case brought against a god by another god. Justice, Order and the embodiment of the pertinent domain shall judge and punish at their discretion.

Truth: The Court of Three will punish, at their discretion, any god (whether accused, accuser or witness) who is found to perjure before the Court.