A strange egg produced by Yoglith on occasion, rife with godly power.

Lords of CreationEdit

Divine Eggs are unusual vassals of power created by the god Yoglith naturally, and seemingly at random. The original was a metallic object that produced a pulsing, or tick-like noise, and would later go on to become Swordwings when the power within was finally released.

The second, arguably more powerful Divine egg was blue and shortly after it was laid gave birth to the god Vymrl.

Game EffectEdit

Divine Eggs created as 3pp artifacts are "consumable" items producing 2pp for any task. Only one may be used by a single god during any given reset.

Dungeons and DragonsEdit

In D&D, Divine eggs are little more than epic quest items, for use in exotic potions, alchemical concoctions, and other such novelties.