Half-Humites are the offspring of a human and a humite.

Physical DescriptionEdit

A Half-Humite's height is comparable to a human's. Unlike a humite, a half-humite will often have a mouth, ears, and noses, although they will be smaller and thinner than one of a human. Because a half-humite looks closer to humans than humites, they can often be mistaken for full-blood humans, although a humite or human will more easily be able to recognize then as half-blooded. Because half-humites live in the Bloodmyst Archipelago, they will likely also have some mutations.


Half-Humties are pretty much exclusively found in the Bloodmyst Archipelago. This is because humans and humites don't commonly live in the same places, and that members of the Free Nation love change.


Average Height: 5'1" - 6'0"

Average Weight: 120 - 190 pounds

Ability Scores: +2 to any stat of choice

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common; choice of one other.

Skill Bonuses: +2 Insight, +2 Diplomacy

Insightful Dodge: Half-Humites have developed a keen sense of insight that also helps them in battle. They gain a +1 bonus to initiative and reflex defense.

Dual Blooded: Half-Humites qualify as both humites and humans for paragon paths and feats.

Resolve: When bloodied, a half-humite has resist 1 all. This increases to 2 at paragon level, and 3 at epic level.

Dilletante: Functions as the half-elf ability. See the Player's Handbook.


If a half-humtie lives in the Bloodmyst Archipelago, then he/she may substitute the Resolve race feature for one of the following benefits:

Crimson Eyes: The half-humite has darkvision, and a +2 racial bonus to perception. A half-humite with this feature has eyes that are a deep red, and glow eerily in the dark.

Long Legs: The half-humite's speed becomes 7, and has a +2 racial bonus to acrobatics. A half-humite with this feature is often 3 to 6 inches taller than normal.

Powerful Build: The half-humite can wear heavy armor with one less speed penalty. His/her strength also counts as 5 higher for the purpose of determining carrying capacity. This half-humite also has a +2 racial bonus to athletics. A half-humite with this feature often weighs 30-40 pounds heavier than normal.