Name: Jormundrasil, The All Tree

Greater Domain: Unity

Moderate Domains: N/A

Lesser Domains: N/A

Shared Domains: Tree

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Appearance: Jormundrasil is a massive tree in the middle of the Shattered Lands' Forests. It is as tall as a mountain, and can take over two days to walk the circumference of it's huge trunk. Jormundrasil's roots spread among most of the forest in which it lives, and in fact are so twisted with the roots of the other trees the in the forest, that they all combined, connecting all the trees. Jormundrasil can manipulate it's roots and it's branches, but cannot move from it's spot.

Symbol: A tree with it's roots wrapped around a circle or a sphere

Jormundrasil has created Earth and Storm Archons, and brought Fire Archons to serve it. It currently controls the populations of all three.