"Dask was a worker like everyone else, he lived the day at the fields, coming before dawn and going back at dusk, always there when the community needed help, during celebration, always gentle, however he had no close friend, he never dated, even if many of the town young women were intrigued by him, he had no family, no one remembered when he joined the community, but for everyone it was like he has always being there. No one also know where he lived, there was no house for him in the village, he just go away when late, and dodged any question, at the beginning many were suspicious about him, but after a while he managed to blend in and no one cared anymore."

"...yes you always were one of my characters, you looked so real don't you? That's the magic of teather I guess, I'm honored that one of my creation was so well prepared to believe itself to be real" "It can't be I remember well that-" "your mother always made biscuits on Sunday morning, that your first lover always-" "I..., I..." "I have created you, my friend, I designed everything you will not be a good character without these details." The Maestro looked at his victim, it was easier this time, he felt his spark slowly wakening as he grow more and more convinced that he was not real, while the Maestro felt much more alive. "Now it is time for you to go to sleep, ready for my next play..." The helpless man just stared blankly at the Maestro and slowly vanished out of existence. "Well it is time for me to enjoy this little town..." he told to himself, he will not be real for much, so it'd be better not to waste any time.

Mostly undetected by mortals and god a new race has emerged, once "existing" only in the Grand Distortion, Living Illusion slowly begun to naturally manifest in the world too, at first in really low number, far from each other and oblivious of the existence of their brothers and sisters, all animated by a strong desire to become real.

While most of them are just happy to blend in any society where they fit, living a normal mortal life and vanishing when they die, never letting anyone around them suspect that they ever was nothing more than what they looked like, there are others who don't.

Some assume theatrical personas, travelling around, causing troubles and spreading chaos and than just assuming a different identity, some others, lacking distinct personality but being only "shards" keep playing weird lives and stories around and around causing any kind of problems.

But these are not the most dangerous creatures, there are some who desire so much to become real that they are ready to consume mortals to achieve that. They are a rare kind on earth, but as common as roaches on the Great Distortion, there they assault the travelers to absorb just a small amount of reality into themselves, the Grand Distortion ones can't really leave that twisted plane, being only reflections created by the supernatural energy of the place, but those in creation are as much wicked as them and tend to design perverse games when they steal the "spark" from unlucky mortals.

The life span of living illusion is unknown, some of them are immortal, even if people will wonder if they ever was alive, even reforming after they are "killed", while others just live their false lives and die of "old age", accident or violence as any normal creature.

Sample Stats.Edit

Phantom---Level 5 Minion Soldier
Phantom are the weaker form of living illusion, they appear as any normal humanoid creature in the area where they live and just blend in with the local society, occasionally forming small social groups with others of their kind. Some time Phantom are employed by stronger living illusions as companions or cannon folders. They fight with illusionary fists or weapons, even ranged ones, but when something disturb their weak facade they become unphased and their real nature is revealed.
Medium Humanoid (Illusion) - - - - 50 XP
Initiative +8 Senses Perception +3
HP 1; Bloodied Missing attacks never damage a minion, See Phase Out
AC 19; Fortitude 15 Reflex 19 Will 17
Speed 6;
Illusionary Strike (Standard Action, Basic Melee)
Melee 1; +12 vs. AC; 6 damage, See Phase Out
Illusionary Bolt (Standard Action, Basic Ranged)
Ranged 10; +12 vs. AC ; 5 damage, See Phase Out.
Phase Out (Immediate Interrupt, encounter)
Used the first time the Phantom is hit by an attack, roll a saving throw, if it is successful the attack deal no damage, the Phantom begin looking more "etheral" and his Illusionary Strike and Illusionary Bolt attacks target will instead of AC.
Alignment: Any Languages: Any of the race they are emulating.
Skills; Perception +3, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +11.
Str 12 (+3) Dex 20 (+7) Wis 13 (+3)
Con 10 (+2) Int 14 (+4) Cha 22 (+9)
Equipment: None
Shadow Play---Level 6 Lurker
One of the lesser form of malevolent living illusions, this creature has no way of draining the reality spark from other beings and that make him envious, up to the point that he uses his natural ability with illusion to send mortals to their death. In combat he pull people around with his illusionary powers, isolate them and than kill them, he can become almost invisible if he want to, and use this ability to cheat its victims..
Medium Humanoid (Illusion) - - - - 250 XP
Initiative +12 Senses Perception +9
HP 76; Bloodied 38, See Phase Out.
AC 21; Fortitude 17 Reflex 21 Will 18
Speed 6;
Grasp of the Unreal (Standard Action, Basic Melee) ♦ Illusion
Melee 1; +13 vs. AC; 2d6+4 damage, See Phase Out and Combat Advantage
Shadow Call (Minor Action, Encounter, Recharge 4,5,6) ♦ Illusion
Ranged 10; +12 vs. Will ; pull the target 5 squares, if the targets becomes adjacent to the Shadow Play after this forced movement he concedes combat advantage to his enemies until the end of the Shadow Play next turn.
Phase Out (Immediate Interrupt, encounter)
Usable the first time a Shadow Play becomes bloodied, he becomes Insubstantial and is Dazed (save end both), until the end of the encounter Grasp of the Unreal target Will instead of AC.
Disperse (Standard, encounter)
The Shadow Play becomes invisible until it attacks with Grasp of the Unreal, this power can be used only if no opponent have line of sight to him, a Shadow Play begin the fight invisible if he can.
Alignment: Any Languages: Any of the race they are emulating.
Skills; Perception +9, Bluff +12, Stealth +12.
Str 15 (+5) Dex 22 (+9) Wis 8 (+2)
Con 12 (+4) Int 15 (+6) Cha 16 (+6)
Equipment: None
Mirage Shaper---Level 7 Elite Controller (leader)
Some Living Illusion develop the power to manipulate other of their kind and to shape impressive landscape and ephemeral works of art, Mirage Shapers usually appear as eccentric artists or isolated heremits who lives in the alternate reality they create. They are usually eager to show their creation to living creatures, but don't take critics well, and tend to react violetly if provoked. Some of them also have a perverse pleasure in kidnapping travellers using their tricks and tormenting them
Medium Humanoid (Illusion) - - - - 600 XP
Initiative +7 Senses Perception +10
Mirage Aura, aura 3, squares in the area are considered difficult terrain for enemies, ranged attacks that target creatures within the aura from the outside suffer a -2 penality;
HP 156; Bloodied 78;
AC 23; Fortitude 19 Reflex 21 Will 19
Speed 6;
Action Points: 1;
Mirage Touch (Standard Action, Basic Melee) ♦ Psychic
Melee 1; +11 vs. Will; 1d6+6 damage.
Lost and Lone (Standard Action, Encounter, Recharge 4,5,6) ♦ Illusion
Ranged 10; +13 vs Will, 1d10 + 10 psychic damages, and the target is blinded (save end).[/b]
Hidden Pitfall (Standard Action, At-Will) ♦ Illusion
Burst 1 within range 10 +14 vs Will, 1d10 +10 Psychic damage, if the target moves or shift before the beginning of Mirage Shaper next turn he fall prone instead.
Bloster the Unreal (Minor Action, Encounter)
Close Bust 5, Every living illusion ally in the burst gains 15 temporary hit points.
Illusionary Structure (Minor at Will) ♦ Illusion
Wall 5 within Close Burst 10, the Mirage Shaper can create an illusionary wall, the wall blocks line of sight but not movement, the wall vanish at the end of the Mirage Shaper next turn. Sustain Minor: the wall persist, the Mirage Shaper can sustain up to two walls with a single minor action.
Alignment: Any Languages: Any of the race they are emulating.
Skills; Perception +10, Bluff +13.
Str 13 (+4) Dex 19 (+7) Wis 12 (+5)
Con 12 (+4) Int 17 (+6) Cha 22 (+9)
Equipment: None

Starving Crowd Level 8 elite. These are Grand Distortion version of living illusion, a throng of monsters that drain "reality" from their victims, after drawing them to madness and death.

Twisted Impersonator Level 8 Controller, Lurker This being has not a fixed personality, he travels the world, assuming the identity of people with power, and usually spreading confusion and chaos, occasionally ruining the life of the victim. These creatures are unable to maintain the same identity for much, so their havoc is usually short but devastating.

Hungry Apparition Level 7 elite brute, lurker. This creature assume the shape of an horrific monstrous humanoid, he hunt by scaring their victims to an almost death state and than consuming their essence and assuming their victim form for a short while, until they are forced to hunt for another "spark".

Unique Monsters

Aethereal Juggler Level 10 solo Skirmisher (leader) The Juggler is a the leader of a twisted circus, fully made of living illusions, they create wondrous representation on isolated outpost, than consume some of the inhabitants for their spark, and use the others to "entertain" themselves with their stolen life.

The "Maestro" Level 6 elite controller The "Maestro" is a great artist, usually a tragedy writer, he loves to imprison people in his plays, using his illusionary powers to make them believe they are just characters in his operas and than consuming their reality sparks for himself.