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10/5/09//Game over!
And with that, the game comes to a close. For an idea of what the world looks like now, please go to The World Today.

2/28/09//The great wikia storage of Knowledge
To keep things easy and detailed, we have started creating articles on the different taken domains, gods, exarchs, and artifacts. If you have created a god, feel free to make a page about them and be as detailed as you want. Additionally, a Timeline page will soon be created to chronicle the acts of the gods. This way, an easy reference will be available for newcomers who might be thinking of joining but feel intimidated by the tremendous thread size.

UPDATE: Timeline up! For the PP spent by each gods and the actions taken, take a look at PP Expenditure. If something is missing, feel free to add it, though remember to place a link to the post in which the action is placed,

2/25/09//LoC open again! Recruiting!
Lords of Creation starts anew! Recruitment is open, as always, at the [OOC Thread]. Join in now and help create a setting of unmatched quality, guiding its destiny as one of the gods who rule the destinies of men.

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This is a narrative history of the game. This page attempts to give a brief overview of the events of the game in order to quickly bring potential and new players up to speed...

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