Oreb Nahash, the 7th god, was created from the dreams of all the Gods that had come before him, but was finally awoken by Xa'an.

Information BlockEdit

Name: Oreb Nahash

Gerater Domains: N/A

Moderate Domains: Dreams

Lesser Domains: Divination

Shared Domains: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Appearance: Precisely what Oreb Nahash’s true form is, none can say, for it fades from memory as quickly as a dream upon waking, but one is always left with the impression of rustling wings, shimmering scales, and bright, watchful eyes.

Symbol: A brightly colored serpent coiled about a raven


Oreb Nahash is the Dream of Dreams. When the first Gods awoke, their desires and wishes floated across the worlds and into the Dream realms, where they collected and whispered to one another, and began to dream themselves. That dream was Oreb Nahash.


Oreb Nahash's home and birthplace is the plane of Dreams, the place behind the world where hopes, wishes and hallucinations reside. it borders the edge of the sea that surrounds the main continent - if one sails or flies far enough in any direction, the world begins to blur into this strange country.




Races and People-GroupsEdit


Oreb Nahash created Dream Ravens, birds which can fly between the Dreamlands and Reality, and are equally at home in both worlds.

Misc CreationsEdit