Resets occur twice weekly. On a reset unused PP is lost and new PP is distributed to the players. Unused PP is any PP that has not been spent before the end of the turn. Resets will occur at consistent times, so there is no excuse for having not gotten to spend your PP how you wished to. There will be no extensions.

To begin with, every player will receive 4pp per reset (excluding a player's starting turn, in which the player receives 6pp and 3pp specifically for claiming domains), and they may increase their PP over time based on their actions and influence on the world. On reset Admins will also provide feedback to help players better advance themselves. Feedback cannot always be positive, but it will always be constructive.

Resets will occur on:

Tuesdays at roughly 4:30PM Pacific (7:30PM Eastern)

Saturdays at roughly 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern)

This is to hopefully accommodate all schedules, availabilities, and life styles equally.