Roan is the 23rd god creation and the embodiment of Trickery and Forested places.

Information BlockEdit

Name: Roan

Greater Domains: N/A

Moderate Domains: Trickery , Travel , music

Lesser Domains:Forest , Blacksmiths

Shared Domains: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Appearance: Roan looks like a strikingly handsome satyr

Symbol: a wooden pipe twind with poisan ivy


Born under trees and seeing the playful light and a shade Roan was in wonder of the world he quickly took on the travel domain determined to wander the world.



  • Little Maker - In a contest with the lord smith, Roan created the Little Maker, an artifact capable of shifting into any sort of tool. This artifact gives +1 pp to actions using the "create" keyword.
  • Pan Pipes - Roan tricked a Ancient Trent into giving him its voice this he shaped into his pan pipes. They have the power to mold the land facinate mortals and even make them dance. +1 pp to actions using the "mold" keyword.
  • Nectar of the Gods - The nectar was brewed with all the knowlege of roan it can heal others bring back the dead and even make the land bloom green. +1 pp to actions using the "nurish" keyword.
  • the silver staff of Talamar - The silver staff is carved with pictures depicting the history of the mortal plane and allows roan to travel anywhere in a single step. +1 pp to actions using the "guide" keyword.



Races and People-GroupsEdit




These resemble small sailing craft with a single sail but in addition to that the have sail that hang off the side. It is important to note that the air ships fly not because of magic but because of the properties of the luft wood which, once cut and properly cured, becomes lighter then air and further more it displaces enough air to carry cargo and passengers safely. The earth souls use there gift to cause masses to change allowing the genasi the ability to maneuver the ships up and down. For directional steering they use the same methods as a sail boat would.


Power LevelEdit

4pp per turn + 4pp artifacts