Shaped by Xirinet soon after the creation of the Golden Hills, the Shattered Lands are a place of feral beauty and wild dangers. Claimed as home by humans and boasting the city of Alexandria and the Great Cathedral it has been marked by Xirinet as its chosen lands.

The Shattered Lands lie north of Eladrin Territory.

Special PropertiesEdit

  • Labyrinthine - A traveler untrained in Nature who spends 8 hours in Shattered Lands wilderness must make a DC 20 Nature check or become lost, if they possess a map they gain a +5 bonus on the check. They may not repeat the check again for another 8 hours. For every 8 hours they spend in the Shattered Lands increase the difficulty of the check by 1.
  • Mark of Xirinet - The Shattered Lands are coated in an everpresent mist or fog, this does not normally obscure vision however it reduces the light radius of torches by 2 squares.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Alexandria City - Capital city of Alexandria, this city was worked by Xirinet itself into a perfect combination of living trees and solid marble.
  • The Great Cathedral - A massive edifice within Alexandria City, in which all the gods adopted by humans may find shrines and altars. This is also seen as the seat of power for angels within the mortal world.

Notable RacesEdit

  • Humans - The chosen of Xirinet and natural masters of the Shattered Lands
  • Angels - Immortal mercenaries, they share the Shattered Lands with humans by ancient command of Xirinet.