Wisps are creatures created by Shurka.


All wisps are orbs of light that vary in size from tiny to large. Their color varies depending on their type. For example, a healing wisp is golden, while a shield wisp is white in color.


Wisps do not give exp, and as such, should not be treated as monsters or obstacles. Even though they are living creatures, they behave closest to terrain features.

All wisps have the following features:

150 HP

2 speed (wisps rarely move)

Attacks against a wisp automatically hit, unless they are against will. A wisp has 25 will defense.

Wisps can be moved through, and occupy the same space as another creature.

Wisps take no damage from attacks with the weapon keyword, unless the attack is made by a magical weapon. A wisp takes half damage from magic weapon attacks.


Wisps come in different varieties, each one having different effects. Beneficial effects from a wisp only apply to living creatures (The effects also do not apply to fungi. While they are technically alive, Shurka does not consider them so)

Healing Wisp: Healing wisps are golden in color that heal 10 hit points to every creature within 5 spaces at the start of their turn.

Shield Wisp: Shield wisps provide +3 to all defenses to creatures within 5 spaces of the wisp against attacks that do typed damage (such as fire, cold, etc.). They are pure white in color.

Fey Wisp: Green wisps that reside in forests. They give a +2 to all defenses of plant creatures within 5 spaces of the wisp. Any fungi or mold in the area takes a -1 penalty to all defenses and Vulnerability: 5 all damage.

Blood Wisp: Any creature that is damaged within 5 spaces of this wisp receive an additional 2d6 points of untyped damage. This affect only applies to living creatures with discernable anatomies. So machines, elementals, plants, and the undead are unnaffected. They are a dark red color.

Life Wisp: This pure white wisp causes any creature within 5 spaces increases his or her healing surge value by 5. Using a healing surge becomes a move action, or a free action for a dwarf or humite.

Death Wisp: These black wisps appear in areas of mass conflict. While within 5 spaces of this wisp, you can take actions while at negative hit points as if you were at positive hit points. You still die going to your negative bloodied value, or by failing 3 death saving throws (Although you get a +2 bonus to the save when near this wisp).