Xirinet is the 13th god of the universe the lord of "Life."

Information BlockEdit

Name: Xirinet

Greater Domains: Life

Moderate Domains: Stars

Lesser Domains: Wardens, Druids

Shared Domains: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Appearance: A roiling cloud of mists, when speaking Xirinet's form mimics the form of whoever it is speaking to.

Symbol: None specific. Worshippers of Xirinet usually adorn altars or works with symbols of the natural world.


As the gods spread life across the world Life found a will of its own. This will formed into Xirinet, driven to expand the influence of life among the planes. As Xirinet formed its birth gave form to Riot, the plane of Life.

Looking at the world, only sparcely populated, Xirinet drew upon the savagery of the young creatures and released its first creations upon the world.

After leaving its mark upon the world Xirinet gave its power to Veros in order to reshape the world; hoping that the new shape would prove more interesting than the old.

Following the reshaping Xirinet sought out Chactross, suggesting the formation of something which could bring light and life to the world. While the suggestion bore fruit Xirinet was unable to provide strength toward the birth of Thans, having been distracted by its musings.

After finally noticing the world again Xirinet decided to bring more life into it by linking it to riot by means of the Stars.


  • Riot, the Plane of Life - Created from Xirinet's 'birth,' the plane of life produces a never ending bounty of life energy. This energy is tapped into by Xirinet's Stars as a means of providing life to the world.


  • The Stars - The stars are a gateway to Riot, appearing as points of brilliance in the sky of the material plane. The stars have a manifestation within Riot that is the inverse of their material plane manifestation, appearing as points of blackness rather than brilliance. Xirinet can shape the lifeforce flowing through them, providing +1 Nourish PP each turn.





  • Alexandria - The Human Empire of Alexandria crouches in the Shattered Lands, ensconced in a natural fortress it searches for lost knowledge and greater power.


Misc CreationsEdit

  • The Shattered Lands - Home of humans, seat of power for angels, and boasting the city of Alexandria the Shattered Lands is a sprawling labyrinth dangerous to those untrained in woodcraft.