Ythrexle is the 14th divine being of creation, forged from "Aberrant" nightmares and dreams of "Pleasure."

Information Edit

  • Name:  Ythrexle
  • Moderate Domains:  Aberrant
  • Lesser Domains:  Pleasure
  • Alignment:  Unaligned
  • Physical Appearance: Ythrexle appears as a tall Ythran with a small stone mask floating over each shoulder.
  • Symbol:  Two grey disks side-by-side, one with a yellow circle and upturned crescent on it, the other with a blue circle and downturned crescent.

Background Edit

Oreb Nahash, with the aid of Xa'an, combined nightmares and dreams and gave the result life.  Thus Ythrexle was born into the Realm of Dreams.  The fourteenth divine being to be created, its job is to monitor and control the emotions flooding the Dream.  Not long after it was born, it gathered the dreams and nightmares and created one plane for each within the Dream, Haldonys and Halcyis.  Then it created the Narsk to shepherd the dreams and nightmares to their respective homes in their absence.  Ythrexle always refers to itself as "we" or "us".


  • Haldonys, the realm of Nightmares, is a demi-plane located in the Dream.  Haldonys is the home of ghastly thoughts and creatures that haunt the mind.
  • Halcyis, the realm of Pleasure, is where all the pleasant dreams and unspoken desires travel to once they appear.  It is also located in the Dream.

Narsk are similar in appearance to the narwhal. (pictured)

Beasts Edit

Narsk, the Dream-Shepherds.


Elk (mundane)